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Review App plug-in: Best Listing

September 11th, 2008

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We’re putting the final touches on the latest Review App plug-in called Best Listing. With Best Listing you can create a custom algorithm to find the best of what your site has to offer: whether it’s restaurants, mountain bike trails, or even books and products. With Best Listing, you set the factors you’d like to include in your ranking plus the weights of the factors themselves and Review App will dynamically build your ‘best’ list instantly. As members add more reviews and place products or items on their lists your best listings page will be updated every 24 hours with the latest rankings.

Adding a Best Listing page to your site is a proven way to increase search traffic. On our camping website we’ve included a ‘best campgrounds’ lists for the entire US and state-by-state and it’s our number one source of natural search traffic! The best part is that once the list is created you can change the weights used to calculate the rankings and your list will remain dynamic as users add more content to your site.

Stay tuned to over the next few weeks as we’ll be posting a new section for all the available Review App plug-ins, including Best Listing.

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