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March 24th, 2009

After using Review App ourselves for over a year we realized that the available review statuses – pending and active – weren’t enough. If you administer a website you know that sometimes you don’t want something posted online but you also don’t want to delete it forever – and it’s not really “pending” either because you already made a decision about what to do with it. Now Review App allows you to mark any item – a listing, review, or photo – as “inactive.”

So how does this work in practice? Here’s a real world example: On our camping website we’re only set up for campground reviews in the US but every now and then a member tries to submit a Canadian campground. Instead of deleting the campground forever, we mark the listing as “inactive” so it doesn’t appear on the site OR in our pending queue. If, one day, we decide to add a category for Canadian campgrounds we can simply activate the appropriate inactive listings – nothing is lost!

We also enjoy keeping funny (to us anyway) reviews or listings like this one:

how do Igetthere fromdayton,ohio

Seriously, though it’s helpful to keep reviews like this to track usability issues. Perhaps your site is confusing to users and several folks make the same mistake thinking your review form is a contact form, for example.

Inactive listings are super helpful for managing high volume, user-generated content websites – just one more way Review App allows you to rock your online business!

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