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Conditional Formatting

March 31st, 2009


Sometimes you want to make certain listings stand out more than others on category pages and with conditional formatting Review App makes it happen. Just choose the CSS style you’d like to apply to “special” listings, choose the field that will determine “specialness,” and the value that makes a listing special. It’s that easy.

Here’s a practical example. On our camping website we offer campground owners the opportunity to purchase a “sponsored listing” for their business. We created a hidden input/output field called “promotion” and for sponsored campgrounds we set the value of promotion to 1. On the “Category Appearance” page for our campground section we set conditional formatting to use CSS class “highlight1″ for any listing where promotion = 1. You can see the results in the right image above.

Conditional formatting is just one more way Review App helps you monetize you online business. Stay tuned for more BIG news…

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