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Data Ranching Software: Blogs

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

A blog is a specific data ranching application that makes it easy to publish information and data online. Bloggers (or more generally, data ranchers) create content (posts) to share information and to solicit additional information from readers. Generally blogs, like this web site, collect new data via comments but bloggers may also add data by asking others to write articles for the web site.

Blogs are useful sources of information for many because they are updated frequently with new information. Organization of information is often an afterthought for many bloggers and most blog software does not adequately address the need for information organization.

To many readers blogs are synonymous with opinion pieces and are not often a source of definitive information for certain queries. Related posts are also difficult to follow since posts are generally organized by the date they were posted rather than in a continuous thread based on subject. Blogs are also limited to selected points of view for the main content leaving them susceptible to bias and inaccuracy.

Blogs are great at sharing news and opinion while soliciting feedback, making them an important data ranching format. Stay tuned for explanations of additional data ranching applications.

Easy show/hide CSS/Javascript code

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

I was looking for some quick and simple code for building a hideable div and I found a number of examples that were junk. One of the most popular pages I found contained some really cumbersome code that was visibly slow in both Firefox and Safari. Then I found the code on White Wave Designs and it is the shizzle. Works fast, is simple, and was easy to understand and implement. Now I’m using the code on singletracks and it works great!