Review App

Solutions by Review App

Rapid Site Development

Review App allows you to quickly build and deploy your consumer review or user generated content web site - we're talking fast as in days, not weeks or months.

Web Design Flexibility

Your web site won't be constrained by templates or WYSIWYG editors - Review App gives you complete control of your site's layout with powerful functions + style sheets.

Advanced Sorts & Filters

Our sort and filter tools allow your users to find the information they're looking for quickly. Search engines love our filters as well - watch your indexed pages multiply!

We've got you covered start to finish

Whether you're looking to build a complete web site or simply add to your current web presence, Review App is the solution to your user-generated content management system needs. You can be up and running with a Review App site quickly - and we'll even help you with installation if you need it. For industry professionals seeking user generated content management system software to resell we offer various licensing arrangements to fit your situation.

Choose the revenue model that works for you

With a little customization you can use Review App to support a variety of revenue models.


An ad-supported web site gives content away for free and sells ad spots to advertisers on a cost-per-click or cost-per-impression basis. This is the most common site monetization strategy in use today.


Certain sites like eBay charge users to post content online in a pay-to-post model. Niche marketplace sites are popping up everywhere charging users to post everything from job listings to classified ads to vacation rental properties.


Subscription-based web sites make their content available to paid subscribers. With Review App you can restrict all your content or just certain pieces depending on your business model.


If you have items for sale, Review App could be configured as a simple shopping cart using your PayPal account.

Review App software features

Here are just some of the features included in the basic Review App software we use for projects like yours:


  • License allows you to use the Review App software on a single domain forever
  • Accepts user generated content of all types: listings, reviews, photos, videos, and maps
  • RSS feed with links to latest approved online submissions (listings, photos, and reviews)
  • Dynamically generated meta descriptions, page titles, and keywords
  • Highly flexible and robust template system with access to raw data output
  • Customizable system messages and email templates
  • SEO-friendly URLs enabled at the click of a button and customized by section
  • Business rules honed over 10 years of managing successful consumer review sites
  • Built using open source technologies: PHP, MySQL, XHTML

Admin Interface

  • Professionally designed, user-friendly admin interface
  • Edit, hide, and delete listings, reviews, photos, etc.
  • Ability to preview user generated content input form forms
  • Pending item queue for easy admin approval
  • Unlimited and fully customizable listing data fields
  • Optional admin email updates sent upon new content submission
  • Section-level listing, review, and photo permissions settings

Custom Data Fields

  • Hide input and output for any field for additional customization
  • Automatic collection of time stamp and user id for all reviews, listings, and photos
  • Support for data field types including: links, select menus, dates, and more

Category Management

  • CSV category and field option add/update support
  • Pre-built categories and field choices for geographic listing organization
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories within each section

Category Appearance

  • 3 category layouts to choose from: icon, list, paragraph, and calendar
  • Customizable default images for section category view
  • One-click activation of section field filters for refining data results
  • Ability to sort listings by any field within category data view
  • Ability to make any field within category data view link to listings
  • Ability to reorder columns in category data view


  • Unlimited listing sections, each with unique data field tracking
  • Unlimited number of customizable user lists based on section listings
  • Optional listing tags feature allows users to add custom tags to individual listings
  • Ability to create custom listing pages for each section based on individual template files


  • Customize permissions, required fields, and notifications and update at any time
  • Temporarily suspend review collection or display by section
  • Ability to edit / delete individual reviews
  • Review ratings automatically averaged and displayed on listing and category pages
  • Review helpfulness feedback via simple Ajax
  • Infinite number of collection fields
  • Option to allow users to edit their own reviews
  • Review replies


  • Customize permissions and notifications and update at any time
  • Temporarily suspend photo collection or display by section
  • Ability to edit / delete individual photos
  • Unlimited number of photos can be collected for each listing
  • Photo gallery tab for listings with photos
  • Photos are automatically resized to appropriate web and thumbnail sizes


  • Allow members to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos by simply submitting a link
  • Automatically generates video thumbnails and embed codes
  • Video gallery tab for listings with videos


  • Google Map integration adds map tab to listings


  • Automated user account management including lost password retrieval and new account creation
  • Automatic user profile generation with links to submissions (listings, reviews, photos, lists, etc.)
  • Robust user management with 4 permission levels
  • Customizable user data collection fields (example: city, state, gender, etc.)
  • Default user background information collection: date joined and last login
  • Secure user password storage and email notifications


  • Facebook Connect integration for easy sign up and login
  • Photo of the Day allows administrator to pick featured photos to highlight.